Live, Love, Evolve


Frank (DJProducer DaCrazyFish) founded DCF Music NL in 2017 just to see if he could create techno & techhouse tracks that would get noticed. Frank easily came up with DaCrazyFish as an artist name, because he wanted to be different and original. When you read this, his plans to get noticed started working.  More and more of his tracks are released (The links are on this website) and at this moment he's working on his first EP, which will be released soon.

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Frank Works with FL Studio software and is constantly learning more about the possibilities that help him to produce stronger, better and more creative tracks and remixes. Feels like his own evolution. Since october 2018 he started dropping tracks on his soundcloud. In april 2020 he reached  88.000 plays on Soundcloud from listeners of 70+ countries around the world. His tracks are already available on Spotify, Googleplay , Apple Music, Beatport, Soundcloud and many more media channels. 

As a dancer and danceteacher since many years, he has a natural feel for rhythm, beats and ambiance in his tracks. Inspired by industrial and apocalyptic images and scenes, interesting soundbites and mad max visuals he creates his typical "DaCrazyFish-Sound".  Follow him on social media and the various music channels on internet to stay updated on music releases, appearances and performances.

DaCrazyFish - DCF Music NL