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Crazy Stories of DaCrazyFish

The story behind...  Mr. Anderson (february 2020)

DaCrazyFish has been a mega fan of the movie MATRIX and it's sequels. Internet, virtual reality and techhouse coming together in this track Inspired by.... Mr. Anderson

The story behind... VAGUE SHIT(february 2020 2019)

Creativity, ideas, sounds, beats and feelings coming together in VAGUE SHIT. Starting with a vague idea and turning it into an energetic track with the sexy vocals of ATINA. DaCrazyFish teamed up with Atina via instagram and using her great voice for this track.  Atina has great energy and has  so much positivity. The track "Vague Shit" speaks for it self. 

The story behind... TEACHER OF DESTRUCTION (november 2019)

DaCrazyFish is besides a producer and danceteacher also a mathematics & physic teacher and he would love to conquer and destroy existing educational structures and be a part of the new era of teaching and techno/techhouse music. Giving positivity and energy to people. 

Furthermore he was inspired by Lauren Geertsen Poetry's* Post on instagram TEACHER OF DESTRUCTION. Where her trust was violated by a therapist. His message with this track really  is to be a TEACHER OF DESTRUCTION who wants to destroy men's thoughts of violating women. Something which is always wrong. TEACHER OF DESTRUCTION turned into a multi DJ/Producer Collaboration project powered by Mauro Novani, who brought DJ's from around the globe together, working on this. Dj's /Producer involved are: Mauro Novani, ADJ Aliensound , Judge Jay, DJR3ZZ,  DJ Steel and DaCrazyFish

* Lauren Geertsen Poetry www.instagram.com/p/B4NLmQSAipy/