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Crazy Stories by DaCrazyFish

The Story behind... Sweat (july 2021)

Tony Deledda and DaCrazyFish join forces to produce this new release on Kattivo White Records, called "Sweat". The Original Mix is an elegant and catchy Electro House tune, with a fusion of synths and sofisticated rhytmic sessions; the "Sweat and Smile Remix" instead, explores deeper atmospheres.

The Story behind... Party & Push it (march 2021)

The idea for this project originated from a deep desire of just wanting to Party again and Push the world of dance music to be hopefull, peacefull and respectfull in the simple joy of dancing together to great music.

 Music Producer Frank Geleijns (DaCrazyFish) from the Netherlands, came up with the original idea for PARTY & PUSH IT. Dropped that idea to Italian producer, and label owner of Kattivo Records, Mauro Novani  which resulted in a balanced release that contains, besides the main mix, three super remixes by Mauro Novani, DJR3ZZ and Tony Deledda


The Story behind... “FUTURE“ DaCrazyFish EP (august 2020)
Inspired by the unknown future, Frank (DaCrazyFish) is a huge fan of science-fiction series and movies. He created 4 future-themed tracks on this EP, that will take you on a timewarp journey. Bright synths, combined with warm basslines makes you want to party and dream away. Enjoy this latest DaCrazyFish work.

The story behind... Judgement Time (may 2020) 

"Break it down again is the opening track op the 5-track-EP Judgement; Inspired by hard drums, breakbeats with a playfull creative sample and breaking down rules. The best way to start this - EP. "Nuclear test"  is track number 2 and has a powerfull message. Track 3, "First kiss all over"has a more commercial touch and could be a festival banger. "A storm coming" is a 90's inspired track with strong synths. and finally the title track "Judgement time" is a techno apocalyptic track that blows your speakers. Enjoy.

The story behind...  Mr. Anderson (february 2020)

DaCrazyFish has been a mega fan of the movie MATRIX and it's sequels. Internet, virtual reality and techhouse coming together in this track Inspired by.... Mr. Anderson

The story behind... TEACHER OF DESTRUCTION (november 2019)

DaCrazyFish is besides a producer and danceteacher also a mathematics & physic teacher and he would love to conquer and destroy existing educational structures and be a part of the new era of teaching and techno/techhouse music. Giving positivity and energy to people. 

Furthermore he was inspired by Lauren Geertsen Poetry's* Post on instagram TEACHER OF DESTRUCTION. Where her trust was violated by a therapist. His message with this track really  is to be a TEACHER OF DESTRUCTION who wants to destroy men's thoughts of violating women. Something which is always wrong. TEACHER OF DESTRUCTION turned into a multi DJ/Producer Collaboration project powered by Mauro Novani, who brought DJ's from around the globe together, working on this. Dj's /Producer involved are: Mauro Novani, ADJ Aliensound , Judge Jay, DJR3ZZ,  DJ Steel and DaCrazyFish

* Lauren Geertsen Poetry www.instagram.com/p/B4NLmQSAipy/