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Official releases (at bottom of this page you'll find the links to DaCrazyFish releases)

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Ants in Heat - DaCrazyFish (september 16th, 2020) Extreme Pleasure Records

Punch it Up - DaCrazyFish (september 12th, 2020) Excusez Records

Bineural - Emison (DaCrazyish Remix) (release date; October 3rd, 2020) Extreme pleasure Records

Future - DaCrazyFish (4-Track EP) (release date; August 7th, 2020) Excusez Records

Lessons in life - DaCrazyFish (EP including 2 remixes) (Release date; July 1st, 2020) YHV Records

Judgement Time - DaCrazyFish (5-track EP) (Release date; May 16th, 2020) Kattivo Records

My House - Mauro Novani ( DaCrazyish Remix) (Release date; March 15th, 2020) Kattivo Records)

Acid Droid - Forcytek (DaCrazyFish Remix)  (Release date; March, 7th, 2020) Kattivo Records

Mr. Anderson - DaCrazyFish (Release date; february 15th, 2020) Kattivo Records

Vague Shit - DaCrazyFish feat.Atina (Release date; february 2nd, 2020) Kattivo Records

Teacher of Destruction - DaCrazyFish (Mauro Novani Techhouse Remix) (Release date; january 11th, 2020) Kattivo Records

Over here - Jake 303 (DaCrazyFish Remix) (Release date, january 11th, 2020) Kattivo Records

Teacher of Destruction - DaCrazyFish (Release date, December 15th, 2019) , Extreme Pleasure Records

Piece of Drums - DaCrazyFish (Release date, November 11th, 2019) YHV Records

Chills up my back - DaCrazyFish & Mauro Novani (Release date; September 1st, 2019) Kattivo Records

Float - DaCrazyFish (Release date; August 27th, 2019) YHV Records

Black Super Moon - DaCrazyFish (Release date; August 22nd, 2019) YHV Records

Universal vibe - DaCrazyFish; (Release date; August 15, 2019) YHV Records

Dreams - DaCrazyFish (Release date; August 9th, 2019)  YHV Records

Unmasked - DaCrazyFish (Release date; August 1st, 2019)  YHV Records

Hero - DaCrazyFish (Release date June 7th, 2019)   Kattivo Records

Journey - DaCrazyFish (Release date March 10th, 2019)  DCF Music NL

Wishes - DaCrazyFish    (Release date march 1st, 2019)  WL Premium Records